Peerless woofer and PR

greg_mcquaid said:

I have in my possesion 1 peerless 10" woofer and 1 10" PR with 265g of added mass. I want to make a subwoofer that will be able to extend fairly deep for movies, what would be the best box for these woofers?

Can anyone point me in the direction of some projests using these woofers?



What model Peerless driver is it? What model PR is it?

Forgive me for hijacking this thread a bit...

I would like to build a subwoofer with one Peerless 12" XLS (830500) and two 12" passive raditors. First, should I get the 425g PR or the 625g? Second, how big should I build the box? Peerless' own application notes only describe how to build with one PR and not two. I have found a LOT of threads about peerless and passive radiators but no post that gives a basic guideline of how to build and recommended box-volumes. Since I use linux, I can't try different box-sizes in winisd etc. If I can get hold of a windows machine, will the basic winisd suffice or do I need the pro version of the software?


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2003-05-17 9:08 pm


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