Peerless TC7 for line array


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2013-06-18 2:53 am
These little full rangers are on clearance at PE. Looks like you can get 72 for $280.
Might make a nice tall, single line array, also closer C to C spacing than the more typically used TC9.

Looks like if building a pair of 8' tall arrays, one could fit 32 drivers per side.
Might be nice with subs..

Cheap enough to try myself, perhaps that would inspire me to build my TC9 arrays first!!


Peerless TC7FD00-08 2-1/2" Full-Range Line Array Driver 8 Ohm


2014-01-28 2:29 pm
Those wont inspire you to do the TC9 build you are set up to do :p

After making 72 holes and cable them all up, you wont be inspired to do the 50(+/-) required for the TC9 in a while... :D
But yeah, for a bass assisted project the TC7 look okay :)

Posted a teaser in your other thread :)
I was thinking about this the other day. I have a pair of tc6's that have really grown on me. But if you run an array of them you will get a response that has peak and then slopes down due to driver coupling.

However one could run 4 of them in series parallel and then crossover to another single driver in the middle. mmMmm. The capital M is playing higher frequencies, This would give 6db of natural baffle step. You could also do 8 in series parallel and then crossover to two in parallel. Then cross to a tweeter in the middle. mmmmMtMmmmm. This would also net 6db of baffle step. You design the baffle to match up with the natural baffle step. Sometimes a wider baffle is needed.

So its sort of a first order crossover using groups of drivers to give 6db of baffle step.
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