Peerless subwoofer with rubbing/stuck voicecoil. Help!

I have four Peerless 830500 subwoofers. I was moving them into some new boxes for a new application when I discovered that one of them had a stuck voice coil. After removing it from the cabinet I could force the cone to move slightly, but there is definitely something interfereing, or something stuck in the gap.

Is there any chance of getting this reconed or fixing it or should it go to the landfill?
Where are you, look up reconers in your area, or be prepared to ship it to someone for reconing.

A typical recone involves a blown voice coil that melted its former or perhaps blew apart and wedged itself. Or as you suggest, something stuck in the gap. That can stick the voice coil in place. However, if the magnet has cracked or the center pole piece shifted, it might be pinching your voice coil and that may not be repairable. A reconer can assess that easily enough.

Do ask about rates though, no point in putting a $100 recone into a $90 speaker. or whatever.
Definitely NOT a melted VC or former. Likely due to physical shock during move, etc. or perhaps chip from magnet into gap. Who knows.

I'm not planning on paying as much as the driver cost new for a recone. I will make do with what I have left and eventually move on to some new drivers (even thought the 830500 are pretty nice).

Anyone who wants it and can come and take it off my hands you are welcome to it. Location is near Sacramento CA USA. Send me a PM.