Peerless Satori MTM 2-way Project "PS2"

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After finishing my RS4 project and it being what I would consider a great success (sound great, look amazing, had a freaking blast making them!) I quickly got a hankering for a second project. Initially I was going to throw some cabinets together with some left over wood and Vifa P17 woofers, but as I got further into the cabinets, they were turning out so nice that I didn't want to throw 20yr old drivers into these really nice cabs. I splurged and got what I would consider some "more high end" drivers than the typical Dayton offerings I used in the RS4, approx 2-3 times the price.


An MTM with 6.5-7" higher end woofers and high end tweeter, full range and solid bass to 50hz in a ported enclosure of 40 liters or so. Since I have the Adcom stack and miniDSP I can simply create different configs for whatever driver I want to use and it's easy from there.


After a multi-day exhaustive search, I ended up with the following drivers from Madisound:

Tweeter - I've been hearing a lot about Satori tweeters and resigned my self to spending over $100 to get a really nice tweeter. I ended up with the Satori TW29R. 4 ohms, and had good sensitivity to match with the woofers I wanted to run. Also gorgeous 2-piece faceplate that matched almost perfectly the Peerless woofers.

Mid woofers - ended up with the Peerless Exclusive 830883. A big draw was that it was on sale for like 40% off from Madisound, below cost according to Parts Express - they normally go for about $90 each and Madisound had them for about $55 each. 2 woofers each cabinet running parallel in 4 ohms.



Standard construction from 3/4" maple plywood, finally got a nice table say (Dewalt 7480 highly recommended!!), all glue no nails or screws, braced but meant to be kept light. 3" Precision Port tuned to 50hz (about 5" long). I ended up with a two tone finish with red stain on the sides and natural finish front and rear. Individual binding posts for woofers and tweeter respectively.

All corners rounded over to 3/4" radius.



Woofer opening under round


Ok just got done listening to these for a few hours and they are simply incredible! They sound better than the RS4, smoother, less excited, more refined and the bass is incredible from these things, they sound like two strong 10" subs down to 40hz.

The quality of driver is noticeable, distortion "sounds" lower and these speakers easily push the Adcom 4x90 to clipping and still sound very good.

As they break in I'll update, I did a quick REW and miniDSP session with them to bring down some in room bass boost, but they are very flat from about 400hz and up just right out of the box.

I HIGHLY recommend this combination and configuration of drivers, wow, I have to say these are easily the best sounding speakers I've ever built and possibly heard at under $5000 a pair.

Here is a quick in-room measurement I did after bringing the bass down some, no adjustments from 500hz up yet

Also I'm having Madisound build me a 2-way passive crossover to play with as well, will be interesting to compare to the active crossover.

And the result!






My daughter loves them =)


Thanks any feedback or comments are welcome, if you're looking to build a nice MTM I highly recommend these.

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