PecanPi with USB to I2S converter

Just thought people here might be interested in this project I did for a customer which will also become a future product.

Basically it uses the miniDSP USBStreamer to give the PecanPi DAC a way to connect over USB.

In the combined product
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Can you tell us if the optical s/pdif port of the miniDSP USBStreamer will also be accessible?

Also, which firmware will be used? There's firmware that allows the user to select the USBStreamer to be the master clock or the s/pdif source to be the master clock which allows some tweaking :)

On the final product only USB port will be accecibble. and the XMOS device will be I2S master, but it does not matter as the PecanPi DAC has crystek oscillator and reclocks everythign to eliminate jitter.

There is nothing stopping you from using the DSP streamer with the PecanPi DAC in your own custom way.