Peavey Triple X Rewire! Help!


2005-07-27 3:46 am
Alright, about a year ago my XXX head was run over by a Ford Explorer and lodged under the rear differential. It survived with all tubes and circuitry intact, with the exception of the front of the chassis and the attached circuitboard bent all out of shape (oh, and the crunch channel's volume stays extremely low, broken potentiometer). Tonight I finally decided to fix it and in my haste forgot to take pictures of the wiring, so now I'm at a loss for the exact wiring (I could feel it out but don't want to take any chances). I'm wondering if anyone here with an XXX head would be willing to take a fairly detailed picture of the circuitry on theirs so I can match it up, or if anyone can find a wiring diagram for it (I've looked everywhere I've been able to and haven't found anything remotely helpful yet). If so, I would be forever grateful.

Thanks in advance,
What specifically is the confusion? The control panel board only has the ribbon cable at each end. Or did you take EVERYTHING out? In any case, all the ribbons ought to fall into place. The Power Transformer secondaries ought to be gender keyed. What is left?

Fortunately for you, Peavey is about the most customer freindly company on this earth. Get the schematics from them. It includes the parts layout and parts listing as well. Call 601-483-5365 and go to parts or email I recommend you call them on the phone. They will email it out for free. They charge a mere $2.50 to mail out 11x17 paper copies.

They will also sell you any pots or jacks or whatever that you might need for the repair. If the board is cracked, you might inquire as to the cost and availability of the whole front board.