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For Sale Pearl 3 PCB Pair for sale

Things you have for sale.
Hi. Sorry to report that one member found an error on the latest Pearl 3 PCB that i made, ver1.0b (black).

The error is easy to correct before or after assembly, and can all be done from under the pcb, so nothing will show on top.

The correction involves cutting two small traces and installing a small jumper. Buyers of this version 1.0b with error were all notified today on their personal email, with a detailled procedure on how to make the correction. It is easy to do and only takes a few minutes.

My design file is already corrected and if there is any more pcb made, the error won't be present on the next pcb version.

Sorry for the trouble.
Always support stuff that I sell. It is still a hobby for me, but guys need to be able to use the stuff they get. I did probably close to a few hundreds different pcb design in the last 15 years, always trying to be as perfect as possible, but some errors can always be present, it is DIY stuff after all. Important thing is that we have fun with this hobby.
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