PDF file advice

Hey Guys,

If you ever need to make PDF files (to share designs, etc.) use a program called CutePDF.


Having tried both Adobe Acrobat, and CutePDF I can tell you that CutePDF is way better, and its much, much cheaper. It's so great that I thought I'd come online and share with all of you how great it is. So stop pirating illegal copies of Acrobat because it sucks anyway. Try out CutePDF and buy it if you like it.

So there ya go, everyone can share PCB Layouts easily now :)


Ron E

2002-06-27 10:41 pm
mastertech said:
does cutepdf support all the features of the pdf format or is it cutdown version?

It prints everything I have ever tried. It does a better job with autocad fonts than Acrobat 6. It makes smaller files than Acrobat 6. It is really nice but with teh free version you can't edit what you have plotted, so if it comes out rotated 90 degrees, that is just tough ;)

As an aside, I now eschew the increasingly bloated Acrobat Reader and use GSView for everything except certain documents containing math fonts.....GsView and Ghostscript load faster and don't cause all the freaking lockups that acrobat reader does :devilr: