PCM63 vs. AD1862

I think both of these DAC ICs came out about the same time (~1990) and were targeted to similar markets (dunno what the orig. price structure was, however). That noted and all things being equal* which of these two DAC ICs would you opt for in...

- An all-in-one CD player?

- A stand-alone DAC?

* Feel free to choose:
- NOS or OS – say PMD100 as the digital filter for the latter.
- I/V: tube or solid-state. For the latter, it may be discrete (e.g., D1/Pass, current-steering, etc.) or opamp-based.
- Analog output: may incorporate an analog filter (e.g. 7-pole, etc.)

Re: PMD100

irgendjemand said:
Are you sure that this is a good enough Digital Filter ?
No, I'm not sure.

But even if I stated "I was sure", one shouldn't trust such...
(a) absolute statements; and
(b) claims from any single indiv.

That said, start with this post and, then, use this forum's search engine to dig up more info.

BTW: topically, this thread isn't about digital filters. It's about comparing/contrasting two specific DAC ICs.