PCM63 and Alternatives


2002-03-18 4:23 pm
New Project

Hi, its a new project, so no pcbs exist yet, I would like to try the PCM63 as I've heard a lot of nice things about it, but as its obselete I want to try the best multi bit (rather than Delta-Sigma) types available. I think this forum has the most informed and experienced contributors hence the (genuine) question regarding what DAC is considered the best, I don't want to pick holes in replies I really want to know what people think.

Regards Mozfet:D
The PCM63 and '1702 are pretty much the same thing. They compare to the AD1862. The pin-out on the ADs is easier to layout and work with, but require a trim pot for the MSB trim. Once set, it is good for life. They cost more, and tend to be more static sensitive. The B-B require a lot of bypass caps, and need about 30 mA for the negative supply but very little for the positive. That bugs me.

There are sonic differences. The AD may have better linearity, as you can trim them, but the B-Bs seem to have more punch (clean, but not boomy.)

When you go to 24-bit, the only choice is the '1704. Sounds about the same as the 20-bit versions, only a bit more resolution.