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PCBs for 35mm (RM10) snap in filter capacitors (for dual or single rail PSU)


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2010-12-01 11:00 am

I have some leftover dual rail PSU PCBs for 35mm diameter (RM10) snap-in filter capacitors. The bare board image (top and bottom) and the example of possible connections are attached. Ideal for use with chassis mounted bridge rectifiers. Positive and negative power planes on both sides of the PCB for each rail. Bleeder resistors are on the underside of the PCB. The rails can be easily connected to form common ground at either end of the PCB using 5mm wire jumpers or faston connectors soldered across the middle of the board (designated GND). Each board can be also configured as single rail CCRCC filter if power resistors//wire jumpers are soldered across one end of the PCB. This way filter input and output connections are on the same edge of the PCB.

Board size is ~7.5x10 cm. Mounting holes are on 10 mm grid. 1 oz copper.

Price: Sold*(bare board, no parts, no connectors)

PM if interested.



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