PCB terminal blocks UL approved for Field-Wiring (FW2)

This may be a little too specific, but I'm hoping that some of you have come across this at some point.

I'm in the process of getting a mains-connected product UL-approved.
The feedback from the UL-engineer is that we must find a terminal block (PCB-mount) that is UL-approved for "field wiring" (code: "FW 2").

The terminal-block we have implemented is only rated for factory wiring (code: "FW 1".

I cannot find any datasheets for relevant parts that even mention FW1 or FW2, but maybe I'm not looking for the right thing?

(The terminal in question is a 5mm pitch screw-terminal rated for 25A/250Vac, but I could get away with a 16A rating)

Kind regards TroelsM