pcb layout


2005-08-14 3:01 pm
I have been playing with my board that i had made and have been working on radiated noise.

i put copper pours on both side but didnt connect them to any thing. oh well

so i have been connecting them together and grounding them in lots of places my layout was really bad, so i am trying to. fix things.

i didnt bring the ground and power back right so i have loops and signals feeding off of runs that didnt go to a common point. i will hopefully on the next one get it better.

i have noise on signal line to the pwm chip because of poor routing and i am going to have to bypass those at the chip locaaly to clean up the signals and reroute power an grounds.

oh my!!!!!!!!

i am a truck driver so when i am gone for a month and come back it takes me a half a day to find out where i was, that is after the honey doos and truck maintenace if i get a chance but for a few hours..........:bawling: