PCB Grounding scheme


2001-04-16 4:04 am
Hi all,
I have made a crude pcb based on design on esp site
I would like to include the psu unit on the pcb..to avoid cabling mess.

Is there any reason for using separate ground for signal and power supply and how do I apply it on my pcb ?
Is there any site that I can look at for pcb grounding scheme

Thank you for your kind attention
Hi Dexter.

A good idea would be to keep the PSU in an area separate from the rest, and there use a groundarea, and from there use a single point grounding-connection between the 2 areas.

There is no need for using separate grounding for the PSU and the signal. All You have to be cautious about, is to avoid any chance of ground-loops.
Star-ground is the best way to be safe, so if You can implement that in Your signal/ground-flow, You are ½-way home.

Doug Self's book 'Audio Power Amplifier Design Handbook' has a good section on pcb design/layout and earthing (Chapter 13), if you can borrow a copy. Alternatively, have a look at the 'Earthing' page on my site, which covers the basic requirements to avoid ripple/noise injection and hum due to ground loops. Though it was written for the JLH Class-A amp, the principles are the same for whatever you are building.