PCB for signal tracer ESP project n.164

Hello guys, I made a PCB for the signal tracer project made originally by Rod Elliott (ESP). He should be here in the forum, but for some reason I cannot tag him.
This is his originally project:


I swapped the 9V battery with a DC connector to have the power supply outside the circuit.

Initially, I wanted to use 18650/C123A/AAA/AAAA batteries, but everything considered they would be too bulky.
As the OG project, you connect a BNC probe as input, and you can listen to the amplified signal (around 1W), to an external speaker, if you like, you could also use headphones, but it is a bit more dangerous for the high volume.

You also got a volume pot, a 20x switch gain, an attenuator 1x/10x/100x and a power switch.

The speaker is connected with a stereo 6.3 mm jack.
I used a stereo jack because on LCSC store a mono version wasn't available.
I want to use LCSC because I would like to have the PCB assembled .

This is my first time using SMD components, I tried to use them when possible to save a bit of space on the PCB.

I wanted to do the same also with the lm386 and j113, but if I read correctly the datasheet, the SMD versions are a bit less powerful than THO versions.

I tried to leave a bit more space on the C1/R1/R2/R3/R4 components because I read that if you use the probe on the HV sections those parts could conduct high voltage, I left around 0.8 mm per trace, I could do it everywhere but on the attenuator switch, I don't know if this could cause a problem.

This is the schema of the project, I think I did everything right, but could you take a last look just to be sure??

You can find all the documentation to build the project here:
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