PCB-for AlephP preamplifier?

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Miles Teg!

Thank's for your effort to help me and others!
I need the PCB only for the (alephP 1.7) preamplifier part.
The dimension not so important,if you can, do short as posibile the circuits.
Oh i forget it, the output caps i would to use are 27mm long
and 19 wide.I will use 2 for output (paralell) and 1 for input.Another components is as usual 1/4w resistors i use.
Thanks again your help and waiting...
I know this idea will have succes.

But please, be more precise.

If you want to me make a PCB, send me a mail with attached the schematic and the max precise will you want. (size and referenc of your parts, the general placement of your modifiable comps...)

How good I raw layouts? I'm a newbie (19 years) but a professional. I make PCB long the years in school.

The most difficult thing is to get libraries for the components or to make it, so I need to see the composants send me the max info you can.

I think the big wokrs begin now for me (Sigh!!).

Victor - I'm just downloading Aleph 1.7, I study it and I make a first try. But continue to send me more precise infos.

uuuhhhh for your mods send me a draw, this more efficient than a long discuss. (You say to me input and output) and I don't know that we are the same conception of electronic, I'm a professional that don't have the habit of audiophile.

Hifi - Send me a mail, I don't know the P10 so when you talking to me about relays ??? I must to see the schem before. Promise I will get him. For the moment I'm concentrate for Aleph Preamp (for victor) one thing by one thing.

Be patient everybody.
Alpeh P 1.7 PCB drawing

Well, well.
Big schematics isn’t it? (Aleph P 1.7)
The difficulties is to bind the different ***** and to construct form the existent implantation the left side of phonic part.

So it will be take me more time than expect but I think that it is makeable.
But when you say "the caps on the output", the output of what ? ?
I'm use for technical electronic it's an engineering works but the audiophile DIY seem like... cooking. I will learn a lot here.

- Victor for Aleph P 1.7 PCB draw

* One question: on Aleph P Motherboard I think that +REGULATED is bind with +50V of the power supply, do you think so ? (It’s Right?)
* The caps who you give me the dimension are the Q27<->Q30 ? Yours have the same dimensions of the past implantation (in diameter)?
* I prefer vertical position for the transistor (like Q23 Q24 Q22…), that made more dissipate, your advise?
* Do you wish to put some little caps in parallel of diodes bridge?
* What’s the style of switches (SW1)?
* What’s the exact reference of Thermistor TH1?
* CHA(-IN,+in)CHB(+in,-in) can be bind with +output –output +input –input, it’s right?
* What sort of relay was used for Relay1-8A and for RLY1-16? I think they must be the most quite as possible (you too I’m sure…).

Holly **** they are two side! For the motherboard only one side was shown.
Wow ! ! The Pass parts placing is good looking. Sure I will copy it (Do you forgive me ? But it’s really good) Ouch ! ! With this schema my Iiyama 17’’ seems to little. I forgot a side ! ! What a sugar I make J

*For the two side of the motherboard I think that de R73 spray the +50V to the two side, and that one of the C25 or C26 goes to the left side.
* The switch for gain choice. Do you need it? How do you want the switches or switch? (SW1)
* The optical interrupts, nobody have more precise?

Hifi – I use P-cad, with this I must write the schematic, it make a net list which place component on the Pcad PCB, and finish my work.
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