PCB cleaning with toothbrush

Hi all,

my Oral toothbrush's planned obsolescence came up last November. The battery just didn't hold the load anymore and swapping it is possible but well.... I went for a new one (Philips time time). Anyway, I had the idea to use the old brush to clean solder flux, and it works very well. Dispense some isopropyl alcohol on the PCB, start your toothbrush on it and gone is the flux, much easier than by any other method I tried. A second passage eliminate the flux haze and the PCB is nicer than new.

As the battery was dead, I opened the brush as explained here, removed every electronics and the dead battery, and soldered two wires to the motor's taps. It takes 1.2V at about 1.5 - 1.6 A from my lab PSU and works perfectly.



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2002-05-25 3:45 pm
That is a fine idea! I will try that next time.

I’ve been using denatured alcohol and cotton swabs. Out with the swabs now.

Instead of a second alcohol wash, I’ve had better luck using a foaming bathroom cleaner followed by hot water.

Vovk Z

2011-10-30 10:32 pm
I find that rosin tends to accumulate on a toothbrush after a number of uses and its good to rinse it off into a paper towel occasionally with pcb-cleaner, otherwise the brush tends to smear rosin about rather than remove it.
- you have to clean brush with pcb-cleaner after every time you use it (sorry Mark, I don't wanted to be Captain Obvious :) ).