PC Speakers Distortion Problem


Got this Creative T6 Series II - 2.1 wireless sound system - Creative Labs (UK) PC speaker setup. The problem is that ALL the channels have very huge distortion. Found several bad caps in the amp filter section. Still no good result. With the very low volume there is no sound at all; with maximum - one channel plays louder and all with a big distortion. Reflowed all the ICs, nothing better. Checked with scope, there is quite big 50Hz component along with useful signal.
Maybe someone was in the same situation. Any help appreciated.
Have you checked supply voltages on the major ICs? Newer Creative speakers seem to be plagued by bad SMPS quite regularly, possibly bad caps.

The 50 Hz component may be more of a measurement artifact than anything else; see whether it goes away or changes if you either connect the input to a desktop PC or leave it floating altogether.

It can't hurt to inspect the board for hairline cracks.
Measured voltages, so I do have +24V and +6V and two GNDs - that's it for supply connector as it has only these 4 pins. Haven't checked with scope yet. But the subwoofer part sounds good though.. I see 2x TAS5142 amplifiers which are stereo. Need to investigate how the speakers are connected as I see 4x 4Ohms + 1x 4 Ohms Sub.
Or rather complain and send/take it back as not fit for purpose. Hope they don't notice you voided the warranty.

Thinking about this is smacks of crappy Chinese manufacturer substituting cheap/junk parts after the first production run, the quality thus drops to way below what was quality-passed by the designer and EMI testing...

Or its simply a counterfeit.
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