PC Radio

You all seem like intelligent lads (and lasses), so can anyone tell me why the devil you can't hook up an antenna somewhere on your PC and receive radio transmissions. I would love to be able to listen to my favorite classic rock stations as I kick butt in some hot new game, but alas, this cannot be so. Anyone know of an add-on or DIY way to get local radio stations on the computer? Keep in mind I'm not looking for internet radio.
there used to be such a thing as a usb radio. it was a little box with an antenna thet you can control the stations and stuff from a windows aplication. i havent seen one for a while.

also a lot of those USB flash drive things have FM radios on them but i dont know if they are any good. you could plug it in to your sound card input.

or you could get an old reciever and use the pre-out and plug that in to your sound card input. that would probably have the best reception and sound.
Right, here is one of those USB Radios: http://www.averm.co.uk/avermedia/aver/products_multimedia_usbradio.asp . They don't sell them in the U.S. though. A PCI Card is my top choice, now that I have a back up plan. As far as a DIY PCI Card...my expertise on such matters is certainly below the level needed for a project such as that, unless perhaps there were some instructions I could follow.