PC-based DSP software

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I am thinking about building an Computer-based DSP/Active-Crossover for my home cinema. My plan is to use an Dante-PCI-Card as Input and one or two USB-based oder Thunderbolt-based Audiointerface(s) with enough analog outputs like an Motu 24AO. So the hardware is not a problem but the Software instead.

Is there DSP-Software for computer available where I can do the following:

- Mixing, copying and Routing input channels to Outputchannels (for example one dante input should be copied to three outputs for three way active xover)
- Highpass, Lowpass and Bandpass filters for xover (Butterworth, Linkwitz up to 48db ocatve)
- 96khz / 24bit operation (maybe upsampling before)
- Low-Shelf and High-Shelf
- Linkwitz Tranform
- Parametric Equalizers

Is there I software (independent if Windows or Linux) available which can do that with standard Audio-Devices in the OS (Asio/Wasapi in Windows or alsa/pulse in Linux) with a graphical interface?

I know that brutefir and some linux command line tools can do it but something graphical (best woud be webbased via browser) would be better so you can do changes on the fly without writing a new config file for each simple change in the config.

So in principal a DSP software like you have it in DSP-Controllers like "Nadja under control" for my Nadja Modul or "Hypex-Filter-Design" (for the hypex modules) just for Computer (which will work with system audio devices as input and output).
Is there something available which can do this?
Hi Thanks for the great tipp.
I have downloaded and installed it and it looks promisiong.
But I don´t know if the tool is able to copy the input channels of differnt cards (not only one input card) and then after EQ and Crossover output that to channels of one or more output cards. Do you know if its possible?
Do you maybe have a sample config file for that?
I have seen there is a copy function but where do I select the different input and output cards?

EDIT: Don´t know if it´s possible to combine different cards. Anyway I have created a thread at the apo forum:
Equalizer APO / Discussion /
General Discussion: Combine channels of multiple input cards and output to multiple outputcards
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