Passiv preamp for ZEN V4

Is it a sonical advantage to replace my BZLS with a passiv preamp when using the ZEN V4?
I think with ZEN V4 it could be done more easily compared to the original ZEN version.

I have an active crossover (Thel, 24 db/oct) with op-amps. Is it necessary to use the BZLS? I think when using the BZLS there are more parts in the circuitry



Passive with V4 Zen

I am building one now with the passive built in the box. An integrated V4!. But I am using a BUF634 in between the 25OK pots and the 49K series input resistors to put some drive into the amp.
The overall system gain will work in my system due to the efficicency of the speakers. With normal efficiency speakers more voltage into the V4 may be required than the CD standard.
What I am looking for now is some 1/4" shaft extenders to keep the wiring at the rear of the V4. Does anyone know a source on the net for these?