Pass Labs Xyyy.? , checking/adjusting offsets ,Iq and gain


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So while I wait for parts for other jobs...........
Got into the .5 check up.

Bias (both sides) was low.
Was 87ma ish, now sitting at 100ma all four.
The heatsinks now run 25 degrees Celsius above ambient.
Yes, I know it should be higher, but in Papa terms, 'I can't touch it any longer' is around 4-5 seconds.
Even the front panel (obviously) gets HOT.

I'm gunna love this amp in winter :D
In summer, I'm going to have build a 'baby sitter'.

Slowly oh so slowly adjusting offsets now.
It takes time for it to stabilise after lifting the lid that few seconds for tweaking.
Yeah I know. I could make a cardboard lid with holes.
But I'm lazy. Um. Yeah. making the cardboard lid would make it faster and easier.....

Product improvement suggestion.
Maybe swap out the single turn pots for multi turn. Even 5 turn would be an improvement.
The single turns are just to sensitive. Foward a touch, back a touch, foward a touch. . . . . .
Like a game of cat and mouse. :)