Pass Labs XA-30.8

I'm sorry I don't do this often but I have to brag for just a minute. I bought a Demo model XA-30.8 power amp a few weeks ago and can honestly say this is by far the best power amp I've ever owned. (and I've owned a LOT of amps)

I run the amp above 300hz and at first I wondered if it would be powerful enough but that concern was quickly put to rest. It's a 93 lb monster and I've yet to see the needle move up even when I crank the crap out of it.

No more constantly trying out different power amps for me. This one is a keeper.


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Warm but not hot - Those four little fans really suck the heat out. On my day off I'll yank them out and check though. I believe Zen Mod is correct in that fans shouldn't be needed with all those nice heat sinks.

Again I only put them because I had them on my prior tube amp and figured might as well keep them.