Pass labs pearl 2 Need obsolete part

Hey! Im gathering materials to build a pass labs. Pearl 2.
I began the ordering process at mouser and it turns out the BOM (bill of materials) list floating around has an item on it that is now obsolete and unavailable.

Im refering to the semi-conductor designated to " U2 " on the pcb. It specifies mouser item number: 512-LM7924CT.
This is described as: IC volt reg 7924 24V TO-220. 1amp
Fairchild Linear regulators - standard 3 - term 1A negative voltage regulator.

Would the part specified for " U1 " on the pcb be adequate? The BOM lists these as seperate parts, with slightly different oart numbers but largely similar specs, except that the obsolete one is listed as "negative voltage regulator"

What can i use as an alternative? The mouser website just pops up with the very same one im ordering for the U1 slot... Can i use 2 extra 512-LM7824CT in lieu of the obsolete item described above, or will i run into porblems since the one specified is negative fixed?

I appreciate your help!! Im new to this, and im very excited. Quite the learning curve!