Pass chassis on the net.

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I found a site yesterday and they have Pass look alike chassis. Classic Pass and X2 pre amp, maybe moore ? It took awhile on all pages :( .

Link: (Links to trademark infringing site removed by moderators)
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Can anyone tell me the external and/or internal sizes of this all aluminium chassis?
All aluminum chassis 3,207 fore/DAC/the ears on the chassis - iBuyLa_Tmall_Taobao Angent - Online Shopping at in Singapore
It's a link from the post2 link.

Having opened this link you should click to "Full Descriptions" and then to "Translate".
Then you can read:

Dimensions: width 320 height 70 depth 305
Internal dimensions: width 300 62 deep 293
Thickness: 8 4 4 up and down
Weight: 2.75 kg with packaging shipping weight according to three kilograms charged
Front panel blank rear panel open with only the insurance power seat hole. Openings surcharge.
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When you see a seller using names like "Pass," "Krell," or the like on their site without permission, you are dealing with a thief.

how about pass style or krell style? thay often use that one. if the chassis has the same style but is not a clone/rip-off.
Those "Krell" chassis look very real. In fact I think they are.

Well Krell should produce their chassis in the USA.
Gives labour and avoids problems like these.
But then there is greed....

Nelsons chassis are obviously made in the USA these "clones" look simply cheap. No need to buy them.

Krell : Pass
0 : 1
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