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Parts Rolling in SSE

I am building a second SSE that I can use to test whether or not I can hear the difference between various components -- mostly the coupling caps and cathode resistors. I seem to recall one of George's test rigs having a screw-in holder soldered into the pcb in place the cathode resistor to make swapping quick and easy -- any idea what that part is called? Havent been able to figure it out on Mouser or Digikey.

Alternatively I thought I might put in a 5 position switch to be able to quickly flip between different coupling capacitors since I am not sure I could remember the subtle differences if i had to shutdown and swap parts. I am a little worried about leaving multiple charged capacitors disconnected from the circuit though.

Thanks for any help.

Given the subtle differences between coupling caps, I'd seriously question the utility of such a function. However, if I were to do it I can see two ways.

One would be to leave one side of the caps in the circuit and switch the other side. It would be unwise to throw such a switch while the amp was on. A 250VAC rated switch would probably be able to handle the momentary high voltage, since there is no sustained current involved.

A more elaborate way would be to completely switch out the caps and keep them precharged when not in use. This would make hot switching possible.

Probably not worth it. :)