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Parts for DIY Sony VFET (push/pull) amp

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This is for the push/pull amplifier using two Sony VFETs per channel, as described here:

While putting something together for BAF, I found enough spare parts for another vfet amp.

So I have the following available:
  • A pair of pcbs: https://diyaudiostore.com/collections/power-amplifier/products/sony-vfet-circuit-boards
  • 2x 2SK82, 2x 2SJ28 vfets (they are not matched)
  • 2 pairs of Toshiba 2SK170BL/2SJ74BL jfets (4 jfets in total, ~8.7mA IDSS)
  • 2x 2SK2013 and 2x 2SJ313 mosfets
  • 2x ZTX450 and 2x ZTX550 cascode transistors
  • 2x IRFP240PBF and 2x IRFP9240PBF power mosfets
  • 10x TL431A shunt regulators
  • 4x blue LEDs for the amp PCBs
  • Resistors for the PCBs. The smaller ones are Vishay/Dale CMF/RN 1%. The 0.1R 3W current sensing resistors are Yageo/Vitrohm 1%
  • 4x 500R (Spectrol) and 4x 5K (BI Technologies/TT Electronics) single turn trimmers
  • 4x 1N4004 diodes
  • 8x 220uF and 8x 47uF Panasonic FM and FC capactors.
  • 4x TO220 heatsinks for the front end mosfets.

This should be everything you need to populate the two amp boards.

Please note these parts are from my personal stash and not from the essential or completion kits previously offered by DIYAudio.

You will have to source or make your own bracket (Please reference the drawing here: https://www.diyaudio.com/community/threads/sony-vfet-amplifier-part-2.276711/page-45#post-4581878 )
as well as supply your own mica/goop and mounting hardware.

This is not a beginner's project.

If interested, please PM me with an offer.