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Parts ConneXion's April CAP-APALOOZA Event... And More ! ** LAST 4 DAYS !! **

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Parts Connexion, the Authority on Hi-Fi DIY, is pleased to announce our April "CAP-APALOOZA !!" sale !! 20% off FILM capacitors from AuriCap, CLARITY, ModWright, MusiCap, Obliggato, Jupiter, Solen and many, more! And 20% off ELECTROLYTIC caps, from NICHICON, CLARITY, ELNA, Mundorf, F & T and others !! This is a sale that is NOT to be missed !!

For more details, click:

April CAP-apalooza Event !!

And we are still offering some great deals & savings with:


Chris' Clearance Sale !!

Bulk Buy Blow-Out !!

Visit our website, partsconnexion.com, for more information about these and many MORE great deals & products !!

The pcX Team

website: Parts ConneXion - The authority on hi-fi DIY parts and components

Email: info@partsconnexion.com
Order: order@partsconnexion.com

Ph: 905-681-9602 or Toll-free 1-866-681-9602

pcX accepts VISA, MasterCard, AMEX & Paypal

We Ship World-Wide!!

NOTE: This sale excludes all items that aLREADY have a promotional discount of 20% off of full MSRP retail prices, or greater (like AXON or VCap for example) - thus, no double discounting. Capacitor Matching fees are excluded, as well.
Hi I am using this improper channel to ask you, because I still have not received an email reply. Would you mind answer me that my sales 86904 went into UPS shipping even it is below $100." Just curious about the change."

Also I overlooked the address in the invoice, (missed flatB) but I am sure I typed in the correct shipping addresss in the form when ordering. Last time the postage did not include "flat B" but ,thanks to the include mobile number,UPS still able delivery it my flat.

It is greatly appreciate if Stephanie could reply me as fast as those sales order email.
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This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.