parasound hca-1000a


2009-10-27 1:00 pm
:) i just scored a hca-1000a and there is a 220uf/25v np cap that leaked all around it. I would like to change it and while I am there might as well change the rest of the electrolytics.

here is my dilema. Does any one have instruccions how toremove the bottom chassis plate or possibly a service manual showing that part disaasembling.

2) I have 10 harris/fast recovery or slow recovery 8a/400v

3) also 14 mills resistors 3/5w.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. I do have the schematic.

regards & happy thanksgiving/merry xmas :)
Every screws on chassis need to be remove to free the boards. It is Nice amp. If you have low level distortion, you might have white bypass film caps on bias circuit shorted like mine. I heard that no name brand caps are common culprit of these amps.

That's interesting birdyman. I have some faint distortion/buzz in my HCA-750a. Upon inspection I noticed 2 bloated capacitors in the power supply circuit. I am now wondering if I should go ahead and replace bias circuit caps while I am at it. hmmm.

Happy Holidays:)