Parametric Sound Corp

My friend invested $2000 in Parametric Sound Corp (PAMT) Parametric Sound . He thinks it's gonna be then next best thing since sliced bread and he will make a fortune on it. It has been skyrocketing over the last few days, which leads him to believe this. (side note the returns on his investments are partially funding a business venture of ours, so I would prefer to invest wisely)

It looks like a standard ESL or similar planar technology, which is by no means new as they would like us to believe. I think that the publicity combined with the fact that most people haven't heard of ESLs before is causing this initial increase in the stock. It even seems unethical to me to market themselves as some new huge groundbreaking development, but let's be honest, this happens ALL the time in this industry (citation Bose Acoustimass).

I think that it is going to either crash and burn soon or the stock will just lose most of its value. When people realize the limitations of directed sound and dipole planars I think they will be less interested, especially in the home audio market.