Parallel/Series crossover wiring question

I was planning on buying a midrange speaker along with a tweeter. I was told that if I hook a 2uF capactior from positive of the tweeter to the positive of the speaker, the tweeter will be rolled off at 10 khz, at 6db/octave.

Does this mean that the tweeter/speaker combination would be wired in parallel? Both are 4ohms and my amplifier has 2 channels that needs no less than 4ohm per channel. By wiring the tweeter and speaker with the 2uF capacitor, would they end up being 2ohms? If so, is there a way to avoid this?

Thank you for any information
cerupcat said:
Ok, so if I understand correctly, with a 4ohm tweeter and a 4ohm speaker, the end result using a 4uF capacitor in between will still be 4ohms?


I'm new to this, so I was confused with this part since I thought parallel would half the ohms

a common misconception, people thinking that a nominal impedance means a flat line.



2011-09-25 6:06 am
Hi. Bringing this topic back because I have some questions regarding this topic too.

What if the the impedance of the twitter and woofer is not the same? for example, tweeter is 8 ohms and the woofer is 4 ohms. what will happen to the total impedance of the finished speaker?
You have to ask the question to the amplifier
'Xcuse me , Mr Amp , what happens when there is a mixed load at your output '?
A : ' Well, errrrr , I don't know ,sometimes I stumble but I always try to keep
the right track ; you should ask those stupid engineers that make a mess
inside those boxes '

Q: 'So you would be happier in driving a loudspeaker directly ? '
A :' I preferred to seat on the table in my lab , when I was only asked to deliver my power to a set of resistors ; outside , it's hell !!'