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Paradise Phonostage buffer boards

For Sale are:

1 Calvin Differential Buffer PCB 5€

1 pair Rudi Ratlos Buffer PCB's 6€

Both were planned to be used with the Paradise Phonostage.
Information about them can be found in the respective thread.
I also have a manual for the Calvin and schematics for both.

Prices plus shipping.


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    calvin buffer.jpg
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  • ratlos buffer.JPG
    ratlos buffer.JPG
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Paid Member
2010-08-26 1:34 pm
The Calvin Buffer itself is not differential. Basically the PCB contains two Buffers and can be used for differential or stereo setups. In a differential setup there is obviously no common mode rejection unlike with truly differential circuits.
kind regards, Daniel
(designer of the " Calvin Differential Buffer PCB" ;))