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I open up this thread today because on the MPP thread we start to see modifications and subjective impressions of the beta builders. A lot more people will start to build the Parradise R3 soon and this may lead to confusion of what is the "official" version and what to shoot for. I have personally no problem when somebody wants to make a change and does like the change better. It`s your equipment and your music.
What i do like to happen is that a minimum of problems show up when people build the circuit as is. They have paid for and they should get the promised result with not too much frustration.
That should not distract from experimentation. When we find flaws in the original circuit or we can improve the performance there is a chance that someday an R4 version ( make that R5, 4 is an unlucky number in parts of Asia ) sees the light of day. It is my desire though that this kind of adventures should happen on this new thread. Than we we can clean up the MPP thread and make it more digestible for new contributors. That does not say that anybody polluted the thread, quite the contrary. It was and is moderated excellent by Salas and crew. I look on my own fingers as we say in Germany and i got many PM´s and such of people complaining that they lost the overview. It is a complex and fuzzy busyness for sure. that should be improved. Have fun.....
Good place to be, I take a seat ;)
Could someone point me to where I could find the BOM, required for building IMHO.
MPP thread is very interresting but a little bit too experimental to me.
I've only seen an incomplete BOM with typo and lacking of parts specs and refs.

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Hesener will provide a building guide with a BOM.
I have seen the first revision. It is very well written and has pictures. He is in vacation but will come back soon.

Hello all,

please see attached. This is rev 1 and I hope to have included most of the comments I have received from the beta builders, plus my own experience. We have tried to think about the most common issues and provide explanations, let's see if you can find more...

In fact, the R3 should be a breeze to build. If you are careful with that soldering iron, and putting all those LEDs the right way, and don't mix up the PNPs and NPNs, you should be good to go pretty quickly.

The PCBs do NOT have the component designators printed, but the component values. For development and trouble shooting work that might make it more difficult, but for building (especially for the less experienced builders) that should make it more easy - painting by numbers, so to speak.... ;-)

Attached are also the schematics of the amplifier and regulator, with typical voltage levels. These are from my Paradise, while it was still warming up, so please don't get nervous when yours are not matching 100% to these - if you are in the "ballpark" thats good enough. (For the pro's, you will note that I also have a little offset around the input stage... ouch...)

Hope you like this stuff, I will try and update the builder's guide as we go along and repost....


  • Paradise R3 schematic amplifier annotated.pdf
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