Paradise build, first time with pcb noob queries

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I didn't want to muddle up the paradise build thread with dumb new guy questions, so Ithought to start a new thread. I have built all of my gear but it is point to point tube stuff. This is my first pcb construction and I have some questions. Should the leds be mounted flush or should they stick up? The short lead of the led goes to the +sign?
Solder is applied from the back side of the board?
Can you suggest a youtube tutorial on pcb soldering?
I have the transistors measured and matched just choking on putting the solder to her.
I have a selection of conical tips and a good solder station as well as a solder reflow.
Thanks in advance, Bill
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The soldering should come easily :) Use a hot clean iron and with the component lead sticking through the PCB apply heat and solder at the same time to the component lead. Don't carry solder on the iron to the joint.

LED's (I'm sorry I'm not familiar with the Paradise at all) can catch the unwary. For 90% of LED's the short lead is the lead that has to be more negative than the long lead :) for it to light but its not as foolproof these days with many manufacturers and devices out there. You could tell the polarity of 99% of LED's by looking "into" the plastic at the die and junction but even that doesn't always work with new devices.

If there is doubt connect the LED via a series 10K or higher and put it across a 9 volt battery to determine polarity and then accordingly.
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hi bill, do not worry but the paradise builders thread is exactly for that purpose. anyway, while i am here i couled just as well answer your questions.

first, the link in my signature will take you to the assembly guide, please read this first, it should answer a lot of questions

second, solder goes on the bottom side. fine conical tip should be just fine.

third, on the LEDs, as said by mooly, the long wire typically is the "+" connection, on the pcb you will find that the are little corners within the circles that mark the mounting positions for the LEDs, thats where the long wire should go. distance or not doesnt matter, for desoldering a little distance is better.

hope that is helpful!
Thank you. I summoned the fortitude to touch iron to circuit board. Once I got the heat adjusted for the fine tip I started to get decent looking results. Thanks for your kind attention and encouragement. If I have further queries I will post to the build thread.
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