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Paradigm x-30 active crossover.

Like new, with box, documentation, 7m(23ft) AudioSource interconnect (not bad actually).
It can be used for control over a single or stereo subs, high pass (50,80,120Hz), low pass continuously variable from 35-150Hz, sub level, continuously variable 0o -180o phase. It originally came with a 100mA 24VAC wall wart, but it was destroyed(kitten) so I'm including a 24VAC 700mA wall wart.

The unit works very well, is still produced and sold, I've searched Google and came up with a ton of pages of reviews and such...sells for around $200 new, I've seen it at $299! I bought this before my inner tweaker fully kicked in, so I haven't fudged with it. I did read a review where the reviewer tore it down and commented on the topology and parts selection as well as performance...all positive, unfortunately I can't find it again. I didn't find anything negative about it...I think the case is a bit underbuilt(light), but that's MHO.

Anyway, brass tacks, $100US + ship.


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