Paradigm Studio 20 v3 tweeter issue

Recently I was practically given a pair of these bookies. Both tweeter domes are pushed in slightly. One tweeter barely outputs any sound at all. Pulled the XO last night. Didn't see anything obviously wrong.

Guessing its time to replace them? I've email Paradigm. Not sure if they sell drivers or repair old ones. These are my first pair of Paradigm speakers.


2012-02-10 12:12 pm
There is tests one can perform prior to dismissing them entirely after you have done everything possible at pushing the dome into the original shape. The problem is to align the voice coil correctly, lacking any centering pins. Measure Re of the VC.

Can you spare xo board photos?
Paradigm called me today. They said I need to replace the domes. They sell them. He told me to call back Monday cause their system was down. That replacement domes would be around $50 each! For what money I already have in these speakers. I will buy new domes.

And probably use them in my bedroom rig. And get them bigass DCM TF600's out of the room. lol