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For Sale Pair of monster Renkus Heinz SSD 5600 (5.6” diaphragm, 2.4” exit) 8 ohm midrange compression drivers

Things you have for sale.
Spec sheet here: https://forums.melaudia.net/attachment.php?aid=6183

They’re heavy beasts at 14 kgs each and are rated to 200 W at 250 Hz (!) so would be ideal for crazy large horns (e.g. W.E/SATO).

Some discussion here: https://www.diyaudio.com/community/threads/r-h-ssd-5600.289122/ and https://audioabattoir.com/t/the-man-cave/4171

Both measure 5.3 ohms and play fine when swept from 200 Hz upwards. No buzzes/scrapes etc.

In excellent condition, except that one driver is missing its label and this one has some hairline cracks and some missing paint on one side (see pics). Purely cosmetic.

I’m based in Dublin and cash-on-collection most welcome, but happy to ship (preferably UK/EU) at buyer’s expense and risk.

Asking €700 and payment via bank transfer or paypal friends/gift.

I have another pair although only one with a working diaper but happy to do a deal with the buyer if they want a spare motor/diaper (as they are now quite hard to find).

PM for further pics/details etc.

IMG_1624.jpeg IMG_1625.jpeg IMG_1623.jpeg IMG_1620.jpeg IMG_1627.jpeg IMG_1626.jpeg