Paid 5$ for this deluxe/vibrolux schematic! some connections missing help!!

Hi there, I need help with this schematic bought on a site. There are many free project online but this is what I'm searching: a simplified version of blackface vibrolux or deluxe reverb! Comparing this schematic with others I found that some connection are missing like reverb pot and other stuff on the board!
I alredy bought stuff for building it but I can't for these missing connections!
Can someone show me what's missing here please?
This is a multi layer composition, so it's a little confused


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Your best strategy is to contact the person you bought this from.
Also, that's a layout diagram, not a schematic. A schematic is what you need to find your missing connections - though the layout diagram is helpful as well.
I wouldn't have a lot of confidence in the mod/design if the layout diagram isn't complete, and clear. Some of the connections that are important (4/5pin heater connection on 12AX7s) are not very dramatic on that layout. So, you need to get the actual schematic from the vendor, or download from schematicheaven and double-check everything. There is no shortcut to these things, and just depending on the color of the wires to connect is not a good plan.
Have you built other tube amps? That's a fairly complicated circuit.

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Thanks for answer, that's why I wrote here, the seller doesn't answer to my mails.. I'm understanding what to do from original layout now.
Can I ask you if I want to eliminate master volume and put in a simple pot volume what I have to change?

Well, the layout you have posted and linked to has a standard volume control, not a master volume control as far as I can see.
It also doesn't have a tremolo/vibrato circuit, so don't get confused by looking at vibrato schematics.

I don't know how far you have gotten with this project - whether you have ordered parts, cut holes in a chassis, etc.- but I strongly recommend a simpler circuit unless you have quite a bit of experience. (Or a good kit, but they tend to be a bit expensive.)
Something lower-powered like a Tweed Princeton with a reverb pedal like the HolyGrail would get you a long way toward the same sound.
I've built simple (Champ,Princeton) and complex (Bassman, Ampeg B-15, Trainwreck) amps and the simpler ones are more fun, less frustrating, cheaper, and plenty loud enough to boot.



2008-01-08 11:51 pm
That's bit of a pig. The incomplete layout diagram multiplies the effort required to complete the assembly quite a lot. I'm guessing it's the Torres, and you've bought a kit, otherwise how would you identify the unmarked components? Is it a short kit or a full one including chassis?

If you could post a pic of the chassis and a BOM it would simplify things a bit. The best hope (least effort) is to identify a close match from the circuits on the web and go from there.

Yes, it's a torres retrolux. I've read bad things about torres's service, I only bought his project, because it's a blackface vibrolux/deluxe reverb simplified version.
I want to rebuild this amp [IMGDEAD][/IMGDEAD] [IMGDEAD][/IMGDEAD]
paid 150 euros, it's an epiphone blues custom 30w clone, 2x5881,5x12ax7,5ar4 rectifier, I've ordered necessary parts on etronic shop, capacitors, resistors, pot, 2x12at7 etc. for about 100 euros.

That's what I think torres misses [IMGDEAD][/IMGDEAD]
comparing to weber's 6a40, pretty similar unless vibrato channel, and super reverb layout on ampwares.
If someone want to take a look to the entire project I can send you a mail cause there are too many sheet to upload here