Pa system


2016-02-10 4:06 pm
I am new to this forum. I hire Pa systems for a lot of occasions. I had came to occasions where i have to use for example 20 or 40 speakers on long roads transmitting the same sound multiple of times and I refused because I don't have volt line systems. Its not money wise to buy a whole system for using it a couple of time in a whole year. I came across somebody who connected 30 speakers in parallel using some sort of DIY box. I think that in the box there is a transformer or something. Can some help me with this system?

turk 182

2012-10-26 3:03 pm
70v line systems are transformer based.
how far apart are the speakers?
is AC power available at the site?
do you have 40 speakers and what are they?
what is the expected level in db you hope to achieve? are there bandwidth requirements?
if the event does not pay enough to be worth the investment in the right equipment to cover the requirements is there any point in finding a solution?
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