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PA loudspeaker drivers and accessories for sale

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For UK people ONLY!!! Not sending gear overseas.

ALL drivers have been throughly tested and are 100% fully working.

2x Fane Studio 8M, 8 ohm versions, cast frame,vented pole piece, 100w rms, 80hz-8khz,SPL 101db at 1W/1m.
£50 the pair o.v.n.o
In very good condition.

2x Fane Studio 8M, 16 ohm versions, cast frame,vented pole piece,100w rms,80hz-8khz,SPL 101db at 1W/1m.
£50 the pair o.v.n.o
In very good condition.

More info here: http://img176.imageshack.us/img176/454/fanestudio8mls4.jpg

2x Fane twin cone fullrange drivers, 12 inch, 16 ohms, 75w rms. Unsure of the model, as says nothing on there.
Both cast frames though and large magnets.
No vented pole piece, but dust cap is the cloth type.

In good condition.

They would suit guitar/keyboard combo cabs or fullrange hifi projects.

£30 the pair o.n.o

A pair of unloaded[ empty speaker cabs] that take a 12 inch driver and square piezo horn.
Made of 18mm MDF and painted. Twin ported.

Also have small metal bar handles and dual jack inputs and metal corners.

In good condition.

£35 the pair o.v.n.o

1x Selenium D205ti 1" Titanium Horn Driver

In excellent working condition in it's original packaging.
Only been tried out once for a project that had never happened due to running out of money.

The D205TI is a cost effective high frequency compression driver utilizing a 1" throat, 40 micron thick titanium diaphragm, and 2" Kapton voice coil.
High sensitivity, low distortion, and smooth frequency response are the hallmarks of this driver.
Ferrofluid cooling reduces heat built up.
Produces consistent results even with demanding usage.
The front plate uses of standard 1" (25 mm) throat 2-bolt or 3-bolt on horn lenses.

Power handling: 75 watts RMS/100 watts max
Voice coil diameter: 2 inch
Impedance: 8 ohms
Frequency response: 800-18,000 Hz
SPL: 108 dB 1W/1m
Magnet weight: 34 oz.
Dimensions: diameter: 5-5/16", depth: 2-3/8" * Net weight: 5-3/4 lbs.


Will NOT refund money if someone is stupid enough to use it without a crossover of minimum 800hz.

£25 o.v.n.o

2x High quality 2 way crossover 6khz, 12dB/18dB Slope, 8 Ohms.

Screw box for input,HF and LF connections.

* Type: Two Way Crossover
* Frequency: 6KHz
* Slope: 12dB/octave LF, 18db/octave HF
* Impedance: 8 ohms
* Long Term Power Handling: 250W RMS
* Short Term Power Handling: 500W RMS
* Dimensions: 118 x 105 x 38mm high
* Insertion loss better than 0.4dB, Crossover point within +/-10% of stated value.

A two way crossover seperates the low and high frequencies to LF and HF respectively. This results in better sound quality and is essential to protect the HF driver.

£20 the pair, o.v.n.o

Everything except the unloaded cabs can be posted.

PM me for pics if seriouslly interested.

NO time wasters.
Maybe but, shipping costs will be high.

If you pay shipping, not sure what it would be to usa, but I recon btw £30-£50.
They would cost about £20 to send them in the UK as they weigh 8kg each driver + packaging.

Also I'd only accept a money order[if UK banks take them] or a cheque, once cleared, I'd send them on.

Postage would be £20 inc vat to send to USA by courier, just found out.And would need £10 for thick bubble wrap,strong tape etc. Otherwise they would get damaged in shipping.

+ will let the Fane Studio 8M's go for £40 min, the pair, 16 ohm versions.

Total £70.

If your willing to pay that. And still want them. Mail me to discuss payment,etc.

Reduced to clear:

2x 6K 2 way crossovers now £10, no offers, the pair.

2x 2 way 12 inch + 1 inch unloaded empty MDF reflex cabs now £20, no offers,the pair.

1x Selenium D205ti 1" Titanium Horn Driver £15, no offers.

These items if not sold by tuesday are going on ebay.
Exactly what happened . I can understand everything and nobody's perfect .Just let me know and I won't force nobody into unwanted deal but this is just Bull...it !!!.
He is sending me dramatic message how impossible is to ship to USA and than contact the other guy and ship without any problem guess where ??? to USA.
Even though this is a private email in this case I really have no objections whatsoever to post it here .Here'ya go:

"Went to try order a courier today for the Fane Studio 8M's and the stupid service has changed their price which came to £49.99 to send that weight[12kg] from the UK to USA.
And when I thought that was bad enough, VAT got smacked on the total bill, so thought forget it. Plus I need 3 invoices for customs to be signed at my post office which aint near, a big headache.
Which comes to about £67 inc the vat. Which I doubt you would give me the extra.
So returning you the money. Wish I never said I would send to the USA, I knew there would be some messup like that.
And it's given me an even bigger headache as I've still got them, so stuck them on ebay.co.uk now.

I guess I was stupid to agree, as I originally said within the UK only.

Anyway I don't want to con anyone, so sending the £73 back now.

Check your paypal, just this minute sent you the £73 back.

Sorry If I kind of messed you around, but I wasn't that keen on the idea of sending them to the USA as I knew there would be problems. But as I'm kind, I tried my best.

I wish the stupid courier[ parcel2go] would give a fixed price including VAT and update their stupid page.
Ain't ever gonna try using them again.

I looked into other couriers like interparcel, but that too came to around £70 inc the vat for shipping from uk to usa.
Plus needs the stupid 3, why 3 lol, invoices for customs that have to be signed at my post office, nearest one is a few miles away.

Hope you find better luck in the future, better to buy from someone or ebay within your country I say. Or problems like this might happen."

Yep , such a nice guy he is -sent my money back !!I'm glad . Thank you Bull for your kindness .
slander of bull re fane

i will deal with facts and truth only in this matter.1)i responded to bulls ad,he quickly responded;sold,can i help you with anything else?what does this show?kindness?respect? 2)a month goes by i get an email fanes available,the shipping costs were higher than initially set with limono.tom returned his money.3)i posted i would pay up to 100 +ship.tom said he would let them go for 40 but would like 50 +ship,paypal.now what does that tell you about bull?we discussed packing and shipping in detail.do you know i paid almost 2x the cost of the drivers for ship,pack& paypal.why because thats what it took for them to arrive to me as they left.and if there was 5p leftover.maybe 0.who cares.our deal is set a contract,i expect in 10 days or so i will have these.i am disgusted by the slanderous delusional comments in this and another form of myself and bull.cease and desist have respect you are in a public form.i in no way did anything to nix limonos deal.people who know me well know i am an honest man of integrity.what other way of conducting oneself makes more sense?GROW UP
Oh you're disgusted , integrity etc. truth ??
My answer to Tom's prose;

"Sorry you had troubles with shipping. I'd given you extra what- GBP 40 for shipping no problem . I'm not in any hurry so you can send them when you near the post office . I have to admit I was counting on those speakers so please don't let me down on them and reconsider. I sell stuff I don't use on Ebay and ship all around the world via postal office why would it be any different in England? I shipped honky Technics table to Norway and it arrived intact . Please don't get upset so easily and ship it. "

and Tom again

"Accept the £73 I sent you back to paypal. And just forget about it, I'm not going through all the hassle.

I'm not sending them and getting nothing for them. plus they are on ebay now. Pulling it would mean I loose more money. Plus I'm unemployed and very skint now."

So my answer:

Good luck with your auction."

Than I hear they are already on its way to Florida USA.
Here is your truth and integrity mr. Niceguy Vulcano. Now , I don't care for those speakers That much , scr..ew them ! But the cheap way you did your business ???
Please don't tell me to grow up, it is something you should do -both of you. Have a nice life. I'm done with the subject.
Well limono flew off the handle when he found out the shipping was more than the bargain he expected.

And limono took weeks and weeks and weeks and never said when he would be in so was making it very hard for me as to know when to send it by courier as if you miss the courier you pretty much lost them.
So I wasn't gonna hold on to them forever, especially when vulcanaudio would pay me more for them. And not moan about what the shipping costs as at first you wanted me to send them anyway, which would mean I would get nothing for the drivers if I was stupid enough to send them without having the extra money for shipping which you only said about much much later that you would have given me £40 extra. I bet you wouldn't have once they reached you.
As some people like to get everything for nothing, which seems to happen to me a lot, my stuff usually ends up going for peanuts.

As they see a previous post by me, they wait ages on purpose until no one wants my stuff and then having to it for peanuts. But in the future will be ebaying more stuff, as I hate selling everything for peanuts.

So deal is done with vulcanaudio.

And money is all returned to limono.

And limono finally accepted the payment on paypal, how hard was that to sign in and do that when I said,lol.
Straight facts:
1) I've sent you money the same day after you agreed to sell speakers, which you gladly accepted .
2) I've told you, you have couple/few weeks to prepare shipment as I'm with working visit and won't be home this long but I'll send you a message once I arrive which I did and you had nothing against that.
3) Right after your "moaning" that shipping is a hassle and more than you thought -approx. GBP 40 more I've responded that I have no problem paying .
4) After all of that as I learn from mr. Volcano you actually didn't get more than GBP 40 for your speakers. Get your facts together (you and MR. mr. ) straight and read messages you've sent me yourself !!!
Good luck on EBay man -there are more like you there !(when you there you can look up my account under the same Limono nick).
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