2013-05-25 11:44 pm
Just picked this up and am wondering the best way to use it... is it just an xlr in, mini in and mini out with speaker? Seems like a pretty heavy duty amp, am I right?


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Maybe so, but I'd hope that the XLR pins weren't that way. If that connector's for power, someone's gonna get some volts if they poke their finger in there.

Not much of an issue at, say, 12v DC, but good practice carries over to the bigger stuff, where you really don't want to be anywhere near the pins of a 125A 3-phase...
In the case of my console the pins carry +17V, -17V (each at 1.25A) and +48V (125mA) plus a common return path.
The 17V ones power the mixer, the 48V is phantom power for microphones.

No idea what the 4 pin XLR in the OPs photo does. Being male it would indicate an output and it seems to be connected to the units psu.
May be it is there to slave additional passive units to the one he has.

Wonder what 'WIG Moderator Serial' means...
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PS: Googling 'Audiovox AVX coaxial speaker'.

Seems to be a very cheap car speaker ($8.99 the pair), possibly made by Jensen.

I'd guess whatever the thing does is not directly audio related and the speaker is just there to give an audible indication that the unit is working.
On the other hand I could be completely wrong.

Well, it *is* a powered speaker, but as I said before, it looks homemade.

Nothing against, of course.

Just thinking aloud, it might be a mini PA system for an acoustic guitar player/singer , with the XLR feeding some external mixer or active guitar, and the 1/8" providing inputs for a backing track (casette/CD/MP3).
In a low power situation, a coaxial car speaker is a good cheap solution, they sound very good, are inexpensive and very easy to use, you just connect them and don't have to worry about tweeters or crossovers.

Only problem is that they are not efficient, but sometimes that's not *that* important.