Oxymoron of the day???

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Where do I find plans for a small sealed sub that can be made for cheap? Which units to use?
I'm searching for a 50L box that gives me something like 30Hz or below.

Ohh, and it must naturally be quite efficient, as I'm sporting less than 50W power.

Have I reached the search for a true oxymoron?


Magura :)
Hmmm: Small, Efficient, Cheap, Sealed, 30Hz or lower. Can I also assume Low Distortion, Low Thermal Compression and Reasonably High SPL?

Well this does go against Hoffman’s Iron Law so expect it to “take a little while longer.” ;)

I’ve been working on this myself! Check out US Patent Application # 20040136560 at http://appft1.uspto.gov/netahtml/PTO/srchnum.html.

You’ll need the AlternaTiff browser plug-in to view the drawings.

-Casey Walsh
Half the price would be ok. like 400EUR or so.

With a 400EUR budget, you should be able to buy a decent driver and a plate amp so that removes high efficiency from your impossible combination of requirements. Many of the plate amps have a built-in EQ that can be adjusted to work well with a small sealed box. The 12" Peerless XLS is good in 50L with some EQ.

Hypex plate amps
Sealed Peerless sub

Edit: the Peerless prices on that German site are quite high compared to US prices. Try to get a local price since they are made in Denmark.
Re: If you can do a 70 litre box than......

mwmkravchenko said:
Build the box and do your vent as a mitred vent. I mean bent into the shape of the inside of the box. It will not take up to much volume and you will be able to get the lenght that you need and the diameter that will allow a low enough airspeed.

Come on where is the machinist in you! Go for it!


To tell you the truth, I have never been good at designing speakers, so it would take me a long, long, loooong, long time to make something. Add to that that the result would most likely not be above average junk.

....and the machinist in me is in projects till over his ears :(

Magura :)
How about this 12" driver from Mivoc:

I never tried this Mivoc XAW-310 but it seems a very interesting driver and I´d sure consider it.
For this price it looks like a killer driver for a sub (but probably not for a sealed enclosure in order to meet Your specs).

- extremely rigid honeycomb cone
- very high X-max
- vented magnet system
- reasonable low fs and Vas
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