Overdue Introduction .... Hi Everyone.

First let me start by saying sorry that I didnt do this sooner.

My name is Daniel, I'm 18 and I live in Queensland, Australia.

I've been interested in audio for about 5 years now and electronics for about 3 years tho i've only had the time/money etc to take either seriously for around the last 2 years now ....

I've just started studying for an EE and i'm eager to increase my technical knowledge in this area. I have also been programming for around 4 years now and quite enjoy a good challenge.

I'd like to thank all of the true elders of this board (GRollins, Geoff, PassFan, Grataku, Nelson Pass, etc) for putting up with my sometimes over zealous nature and lack of technical knowledge in many areas. I originally came to this site to learn heaps and have the highest number of posts.... well I soon realised that this board just aint like the rest of them, we all endevour to help each other regardless of our ranks and that post counts really dont mean much ... any one can talk alot ... few can produce a large number of very well presented technically correct posts and i applaud those who do just this here.

I'd like to thank Nelson Pass for his kind and open nature regarding his intellectual property, without this, this board would not be as it is today.

Audio Freak.

ps. PassFan, I haven't forgotten about the transformer thread i started, I've been snowed under with other commitments of late and i hope to finish testing soon. I'll then revive the thread and post what i found.

pps. GRollins, if you're still interested, the offer of the website still stands. Just let me know. :)