Over-current protection in Audio IC Output Buffers

I am sure members of this Fourm are well aware of the Sonic damage Current limiting an Audio Amplifiers Output stage. I am licking to use a Buffer HA-5002 that lackes output protection. The data sheet recomendations of resistors in series with the Output Transistors supply. This degrades the sound alot. Using Current sources also is not good. so I am thinking Rail fusing. This Buffer allows the Output and driver stages to be seoparatly powered. If in the event of only one rail fuse Blowing how would one asure not large amounts of DC upon the Output. Thanks guys


2003-09-04 7:29 pm
My plan is to use an audio quality relay on the output and power the coil with the rails. So, if either fuse goes, the relay opens. Other reasons for me to use a relay is for other DC protection and turn on/off muting. (Actually, thinking of a five minute warm-up timer before the relay actuates. Or maybe using a temp sensor to turn on after warm up.)