Output Power PP AB Stage - Value of Emitter Resistor for thermal Bias Stability

Output Power PP AB Emitter Follower stage - Value of Emitter Resistors without necessary Vbe multiplier or diode against thermal runaway

I don't find the appropriate informations.

How I calculate the smallest possible value of emitter resistor in a push pull output power stage without necessary Vbe multiplier, NTC resistor or diode for thermal compensation ? Both for normal and Sziklai darlington (CFP).

From a certainly minimum resistor value this emitter resistor serves even for an excellent thermal bias stability. The value must be higher than 1 ohms (below 1 ohms Vbe multiplier transistor absolutely necessary), but lower than 100 ohms - so I think.
If I know this value, I can use only a bias resistor like topologies with audio lateral mosfet's in the output.
I think, this resistor value is also dependent from the wished value of idle current through the output.

Thank you for your comments.
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