Output from Eagle

How do I produce a usable film with Eagle 4.01? I want to print it on transparents using my laser.

I can only get this! :xeye: :xeye: :xeye:


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Hi Thomas,
if I understand you correctly you wanna print of just the "wires" and pads.
You have to "remove" all the layers you don´t need.
In the main menu click "display/hide layers" then you have to unmark "tplace" and "bplace".
Before printing you have to mirror the image.

BTW: If you´ve finished your project it´d be nice if you could send me the files cause I always wanted to get into class a by a small amplifier. And please report how it sounds.

Thanks in anticipation
That simple, eh.:rolleyes:

I will post my results as I get to them, so sit tight. Right now I'm done entering the schematics, and the board is almost done.

Still tossing the components around like crazy to make everything fit. :crazy:

I think the layout will be something like this. One heatsink per output device, one on each side of the pcb.


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