out of the corner....

just last week, i finished building two 3 cu. ft vented passive subwoofer enclosures with a JBL 12gg01 inside each for my room, to replace my old modded passive subs/boxes.

i had originally placed the new boxes each in the front right/left corner of my room.. lotsa bass..

im currently rearranging my room.. and have noticed that they're not as bassy against a flat wall as they were in the corner...

currently, im underpowering the subs (60 rms into 150 rms), but im contemplating, increasing the power to them via a better amp.

would this make up for the loss of the corner gain?
try to put them near the corner

Try moving them closer to the corner i have my 15 in the corner with the ports facing back because there in the rear of the box any ways.. i have put it in the center of the room and liked it because it filled the room more equaly but you have to put more power into it and watch it becauseyou can hear them bog down as much if there in the corner heeh


I have a usd pro c 15" running 300 into it.. at 4ohz sounds nice too hehe but want a 10" now with ported for my new appt..


diyAudio Moderator Emeritus
2001-09-18 2:33 am
Connecticut, The Nutmeg State
Actually, Thatch, I think the studies show that the resonance frequency is increased about 6 dB in the corner. I measured it once and it was about that. The advantage begins to decrease as you move away form the port frequency.

Chester: To increase the power to compensate for the loss of corner placement, you need an amp 4 times as powerful as the one you have now. Plus, you would need an equalizer of filter that peaked at the box frequency.

Another thing you can do is to re-tune the box a half octave higher by shortening the port. This will cut your bass extension by half an octave but increase the bass output from the new port frequency on up.