Orion XTR 1500.1

Amp turns on, shows rail voltage, but does not produce audio. When the subsonic filter button or phase 0/180 degrees is pressed, the test woofer jumps. The woofer also jumps when turning the gain pot. All of these tests are done with NO rca input. I've also noticed a possible continuity problem when testing main ground to rca shielding.

Any starting help would be welcomed.


I don't have anything on this amp but the smaller version has a problem with the 10 ohm resistors on the output of the various regulators. They are highlighted with green arrows in the attached photo. They won't be exactly the same in your amp (or may not even exist in your amp). I think that there are at least 8 of them and maybe more.


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I know its frustrating, but i must recall what i said earlier concerning clean audio. I now have the Orions input connected to a source unit along with a ported 10" enclosure. At medium listening volume there is a constant humm underlying the music. The music itself sometimes sounds like its only half there. The preamp level problems stated above seem to be isolated to gain, bass eq, phase 0/180, and subsonic. When the subsonic or phase buttons are pressed in either direction i see the 95 volt +/-rail's jump to 135 volts then settle back down. The amp shuts down and turns back on occasionally after this voltage spike.