Orion HCCA 10002

I am really confused with this amp. I saw positive voltage on drain of one set mosfets and negative on source of another set of output mosfets. So thought it has positive and negative rail. Actually it is just positive rail. The actual problem with this amp is output sine wave clips very funny way. While probing waveforms I saw those ringing all over so first wanted to figure it out why I am getting those ringing.
But I know the problem it is the digital volume control board have the problem. The negative 5v dipping to 1.6v when the board is inserted. And ibam not seeing any shorts on the board I guess some ic is malfunctioning. But besides that where is the good ground that I can use to probe the waveforms?
Yes this part is getting very hot. Attaching picture. After removing it voltage back to -6v. What I can replace it with?


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