Original Marantz CD63 Audio Problem

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I have one of the original Marantz CD63 players (Gold finish, top loader) which I've owned form new. It's now developed a problem where there is no output from the left channel right is ok.
I've opened up the player and had a look at the DAC board everything seems ok, I've gone as far as getting a Philips CD100 and swapping components but it makes no difference
Anybody any ideas where to look next?

Thanks in advance

You probably have a cold solder joint around RCA's "hot" pin on your PCB. This is very common problem with cheap RCA's and their pins suffer a lot of mechanical stress when plugging and unplugging RCA connectors in to them.

Sometimes it is really hard to see this cold solder joint snap - if you look very carefully, you'll see a tiny circle like crack around the pin in question.

This is a good starting point. If you haven't touched anything and you lost the signal only on one channel, then it is highly likely that you have to re-solder RCA's pin and 'she'll be all right...'

Let us know of the progress!!! (not many people actually do so, which is disappointing!!....)

garyjirving said:
I've changed all the removable chips in the DAC board still no joy, I've only got a humble multi meter if thats any good.


If its anything like the CD104 then it will have lots of solder links from the component side to the trackside of the PCB. These often go open circuit. If your other checks fail try resoldering the links.
Success!! After resoldering the links I now have sound on left and right channels :) The old lady still sounds better then the modern player I've got many thanks for your help, I'll try and get a picture uploaded for you, meanwhile..... I've now gone and got (from ebay) a Marantz CD73 which has a duff draw mechanism, the gears are ok as is the belt but when you press open nothing happens and I can't hear the motor which I suspect is duff. Are there any checks i can perform before trying to get a new motor?

Again thanks for your help much appreciated

Hi TDA1540,

Thanks for the info what do I need to check for this possible problem? as promise here's a pic of the Marantz CD63


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This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.